About Us

Founded in 2019 by Ken & Cecilia Linamen, Bespoke Candle Co. combines a hand-crafted approach with the most luxurious ingredients and natural products to create an immersive experience.

Having been lucky enough to travel around the world, Ken & Cecilia founded Bespoke guided by the idea that sensory experience is a large part of the excitement of visiting beautiful and new places. Taking cues from each travel experience, they began to create the unique Bespoke fragrances using the luxurious scents and ingredients indigenous to each destination.

By combining the unique scents of each locale, Bespoke is able to transport you into the heart of Paris, down the sunny beaches of Mykonos, or through the historic district of Savannah on a humid summer night. We strive to create products that break your every day routine and make each moment a luxurious and delightful experience.